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Epoxy Bond

Construction Chemicals in Quezon City Metro Manila, Epoxy Bond in Metro Manila

Doron EP-Bond
(All Purpose bonding Epoxy; Medium Viscosity)
Conforms to: ASTM C-881
Type I, II, and III, Grade 2, Class B&C

DESCRIPTION: Is a viscous, two (2) components, 100 percent solids, solvent-free epoxy-resin system. After mixing the two liquid components, the result is a high viscosity epoxy-mix that is god bonding and repairing where a non-sagging material is required.

RATIO: Mixed by volume 1:1 (Part A-resin) + (Part B-hardener)

PACKAGING: One (1) gallon kit.

Epoxy Grout 

Construction Chemicals and Supplies in Metro Manila, Epoxy in Metro Manila, Epoxy Grout in Caloocan Metro Manila

Doron EP-Grout
Grouting and Injection Epoxy (Low Viscosity)
(ASTM C-881; Type I; Grade I; Class C)

DESCRIPTION: It is two (2) component epoxy – resin system; solvent free; 100% solids and low viscosity.

USAGE: It is ideal for grouting, for repairing damage concrete with hairline cracks by epoxy injection.

RATIO: Mixed by volume 1:1 (Part A - resin) + (Part B - Hardener)

PACKAGING: One (1) gallon kit

Bentonite Waterstop

Plaster Bond in Metro Manila, Bentonite Waterstop in Caloocan

Doron Bentonite Waterstop
(Bentonite Base Concrete Joint Expanding Waterstop)

Description:  Doron Bentonite Waterstop is a flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop that provides a positive seal by gradually expanding when in contact with water. Bentonite Waterstop is an active bentonite based waterstop that is designed to replace conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstop, thus eliminating the requirement of split-forming and product seam welding. The key to Doron Bentonite Waterstop effectiveness is its modified sodium bentonite content which provides superior expansion to seal and fill voids.

SIZES: ¾ inches x 5 meters​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PVC Waterstop

PE sheet and waterplugs in Caloocan, asphalt sealant in Caloocan

Doron PVC Waterstop
(Water Sealer on Concrete Joints)

Description: DORON PVC WATERSTOP (a high grade Polyvinyl Chloride resin and plasticizing agents) provides the excellent water sealing of the expansion joints, which also expands and contracts according to the expansion and construction of the concrete.

ADVANTAGES: Easy to install and can be welded, non-corrosive and chemical resistant, flexible and weather resistant.

PACKAGING: Roll @ 15.24 lm

Fil (Cork)

form oil in Caloocan, superplas and RB cure in Caloocan

Doron-Fil (Cork)
(Non-Extruding Type Concrete Joint Filler)
Comply with: ASTM D-1751-65; AASHTO M-213-65
Federal Spec. HH-F-341e, Type 1

DESCRIPTION: Is made from selected granulated cork bonded with hot bituminous asphalt mixture and pre-molded between first class sheets of asphalt saturated felt paper. It is resilient, water and insect resistant and easily handled. It is pneumatic cushion. Its resilience and compressibility enable it to deform under pressure with no extrusion and almost total recovery in the range of 80% to 95% of its original thickness, as applied pressure is removed.

Lengths: 5 feet and 10 feet
Width: 3 feet
Thickness: ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”


Cement Grout in Metro Manila, Construction Chemicals and Supplies in Metro Manila

Doron C-Grout
(Non-Shrink, Non-Metallic Cement Grout)
Complies with ASTM C-827; C-109 and C-191
Complies with CORPS OF ENGINEERING CRD-C624-80

DESCRIPTION: Is a uniform mixture of selected sand, Portland cement, water reducing shrinkage compensating agent. It produces high early and 28 days strength with a slight but positive expansion from time of placement with no intermediate shrinkage occurring.

PACKAGING: 25 kgs. Bag or pail


superplas and RB cure in Caloocan, Construction Chemicals and Supplies in Metro Manila

(Wax-Based Liquid Curing Compound)
ASTM C-309 & AASHTO M-148 Type II

DESCRIPTION: is a white colored wax-based liquid concrete curing compound usually use for curing concrete surfaces like roads, sidewalks, gutters, concrete floor and walls, columns, dams, culverts where topping is not required. It seals the concrete surface and prevents water and moisture loss from the concrete matrix and will ensure complete hydration of the cement. Because of its sealing and curing characteristics, it has nothing to do with concrete cracks instead it helps avoid the occurrence of cracks.

Seal Concrete Joint Sealer

Admixtures in Metro Manila, PE sheet and waterplugs in Caloocan

Doron Seal Concrete Joint Sealer
(Hot-Poured Elastic Type)
ASTM D-1190-64; AASHTO M-173-60
(30 – 50 Penetration)

DESCRIPTION: Doron Seal Concrete Joint Sealer (Hot-Poured Elastic Type) is an asphaltic plug joint suitable for low to medium movement capacity expansion joints on highway bridges. It is of rubberized asphalt, highly selected drying and non-drying oils carefully engineered to produce a heavy-bodied, self-curing sealant between horizontal joints in concrete and metal. This product maintains good bonding with concrete during expansion and contraction and is waterproof to prevent infiltration of moist, oil, dirt and other foreign substances.

USAGE: Doron Seal Concrete Joint Sealer is primarily used for joints of concrete highways, roads, and airfield pavements.

PACKAGING: Pail: 16 kg. Bag 25 kg.


superplas and RB cure in Caloocan, form oil in Quezon City

(Resin-based Liquid Curing Compound)
ASTM C-309 Type I & AASHTO M-148 Type I

DESCRIPTION: Is a resin-based liquid curing compound that dries up rapidly to form a tough, resilient, and colorless film. This film restricts water loss from the concrete matrix and retards water evaporation.

USES: excellent for use on all concrete surfaces whether horizontal or vertical. Treated with this may be topped and rendered or have other treatments as the materials will in no way affect adhesion. ( e.g. floor covering such as vinyl tiles, etc.)

COVERAGE: Best not exceeding 300 square feet per gallon.

One (1) gallon plastic container
Five (5) gallons pail or carboy
Fifty-five (55) gallons steel drum

Release Agent

form oil in Caloocan, asphalt sealant in Quezon City

Doron Release Agent
Non-staining, Clean Stripping
Release Agent and Form Preservatives
(Non-viscous Mineral Oil Base)

DESCRIPTION: Is a non-staining form oil that leaves a hard, clean and void free concrete surface. Concrete does not build-up on the forms, it does not affect the quality setting or strength of concrete or cement mortar with which it comes in contact. On metal forms, it will act as a mild rust inhibitor. On wooden forms, it tends to waterproof and preserve.

Wooden forms 500 – 700 sq. ft./gallon
Steel forms 700 – 1,000 sq. ft./gallon

(1) One gallon tin
(5) Five gallon plastic carboy
(55) Fifty-five gallon steel drum


superplas and RB cure in Caloocan Metro Manila, form oil in Caloocan

Doron Superplas
(Superplasticizer for Concrete)
ASTM C-494 Types A and F

DESCRIPTION: A ready to use aqueous solution of high molecular weight condensed napthelene. Non-foaming, non-toxic, non-chloride nor sugar, it will not corrode reinforcement 1.2 Specific Gravity

USES: It provides excellent acceleration of strength gain at ages and major increases in strength at all ages by significantly reducing water demand in a concrete mix (Standard Slumps from 25%-30%).

One (1) gallon plastic container
Five (5) gallon pail
Fifty-five (55) gallon drum

Moisture Barrier

PE sheet and waterplugs in Caloocan, Moisture Barrier in Novaliches

Doron Moisture Barrier
(Polyethylene Sheet)

DESCRIPTION: A transparent polyethylene film of uniform thickness. It acts as a permanent moisture barrier under concrete slab floor.

a.)    0.004 inch x 2 meters width: 10.42 sq. m/kg.
b.)    0.006 inch x 2 maters width:   6.95 sq. m/kg.

PACKAGING: In rolls of two (2) meters wide.



DESCRIPTION: : Is a mixture of rubberized asphalt, drying and non-drying oils, heat resistant fillers and bituminous preservative and formulated to produce heavy bodies, self-curing sealant between horizontal joints in concrete and metal. Maintains good adhesion with concrete during expansion and construction and is water proof to prevent joint space filtration of moist, dirt and other foreign substances. 

C-Bond (Concrete and Plaster Adhesive)

Doron C-Bond (Concrete and Plaster Adhesive)​

DESCRIPTION: : ​​​​​​​Doron C-Bond is a 55%-solid, Modified synthetic resin designed for use as a bonding agent and admixture for cement and plaster mixes. 

Cement Remover

Doron Cement Remover​

DESCRIPTION: : Is a strong, multi-use, fully inhibited liquid acid formulation developed for heavy duty rust and scale removal. It’s a dissolving action on rust and scale is fast and thorough, making it a more effective replacement for the acids such as sulfuric and muriatic. 

It is a formulated with a compatible, extremely stable inhibitor. Its chemical formulation dissolves rust and lime scale down to the base metal with the selective inhibitor protecting the metal surface.

Concrete Accelerator

Doron Concrete Accelerator​

DESCRIPTION: : Is a solution of Sodium Lignosulfonate and reactive chemical salts in water. The lignosulfonate contributes to the water reducing properties of the solution while the chemical salts induce the accelerating and hardening properties when used in concrete mixes.

Cementitious Waterproofing 

Doron Cementitious Waterproofing ​

DESCRIPTION: : Doron Cementitious Waterproofing is a two component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane. It consists of selected cement blend with well-graded fillers and synthetic resin. Doron Cementitious Waterproofing is capable of bridging hairline cracks. 

Fil (Rubber)

Doron Fil (Rubber)

DESCRIPTION: : It is made form vulcanized polychloroprene rubber mixed with fillers, plasticizers, binders, and blowing agents. It is rubberized, resilient, water and insect resistant and easily handled. It is pneumatic cushion. Its resilience and compressibility enable it to deform under pressure with no extrusion and almost total recovery in the range of 80% to 95% of its original thickness as the applied pressure is removed.
​​​​​​​ ​

Floor Hardener (Liquid)

Doron Floor Hardener (Liquid)​

DESCRIPTION: : Doron Floor Hardener is an integral admixture, produced as a thin liquid which is added to the mixing water used in tempering the mix. Produces hard, dense and durable concrete, highly resistant to abrasion and penetration of water, greases, oils and most dilute corrosive chemical.

Floor Hardener (Powder)

Doron Floor Hardener (Powder)​
DESCRIPTION: : is a monolithic surface hardening compound for fresh concrete floors. It is a quality controlled, factory blended powder which is ready to use on site. It consists of special hard wearing emery aggregates selected for their physical properties of abrasion and wear resistance, Portland cement and special additives to improve workability. 

Plastering Compound

Doron Plastering Compound

DESCRIPTION: : It is a synthetic resin emulsion of high solid content with excellent adhesive properties with concrete. When used, it eliminates costly preparation prior to plastering, topping or rendering, such as scotching, hacking to ensure bonding

Polyurethane Seal

Doron Polyurethane Seal​

DESCRIPTION: : Doron Polyurethane Seal is a low modulus, once component, class ‘A’ polyurethane sealant. When cure it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of 50% (+25%) of the original joint width. 
Doron Polyurethane Seal is virtually unaffected by normal weathering conditions such rain, sunlight, snow, slee, ultra-violet, radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution. Its excellent weatherability enables it to retain its original properties after years of exposure. 


Doron Retarder

DESCRIPTION: : A ready to use aqueous solution of sodium lignosulfonate, a non-toxic, non-chloride dark brown liquid and slightly viscose than water and a 1.14 specific gravity at room temperature (25°C) which instantly disperses in water. 
It disperses the fine particles in the concrete to perform more effective. The initial hydration of the cement is also delayed, resulting in the delay in the setting time of the concrete with no adverse effect on subsequent stiffening and strength gain. 

Waterplug (Liquid)

Doron Waterplug (Liquid)

DESCRIPTION: : Is a liquid form that when it is mixed with fresh cement forms a quick setting cement plug. It contains reactive chemical salts which accelerate the setting and hardening of the cement plug.

Waterplug (Powder)

Doron Waterplug (Powder)

DESCRIPTION: : Is a non-shrinking, ready-to-use hydraulic materials that is to be mixed with water. It seals seepage instantly and sets within 1 ½ to 3 minutes. It does not pull away from edges of patch.


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